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Our products have been perfected with a healthy obsession for excellence perfectly paired with resourcefulness. Each product uses repurposed wool that otherwise may have been discarded. In addition to being conscious of not wasting materials, we vigilantly listen to our customers for insight and suggestions. We recognize that the success of Thankful Thimble is a group effort, as such we deeply value our customers and their input. To this end, we're continually striving to deliver an outstanding product that symbolizes superior quality and durability with a uniquely handcrafted touch.

Women's Mittens

Women's Mittens, Generous

Men's Mittens

Wool Pumpkins

Fingerless Gloves

Baby & Infant Hats

Men's Fingerless Gloves

Accessories & Decor

Children's Mittens

No matter your preferences when it comes to keeping your hands warm, what makes any of these designs appealing is that they are each uniquely styled to give fashion statement that goes beyond the appearance and has a story woven into every seam.

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