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At Thankful Thimble we tastefully repurpose wool to create useful pieces of fiber art. Each mitten is uniquely designed and handcrafted with superior quality. Built to be durable, these stylish hand warmers will hold up to the test of time and they will indeed keep you warm during the coldest days.


I've been a seamstress for almost as long as I can remember. As my skills have increased, I developed a passion to share my knowledge of sewing with others. I teach various courses throughout the year and help members of the community with any of their sewing projects. In one such teaching venture, I organized a community project to sew mittens for our local 4-H kids. After seeing the interest in the project, I realized that making mittens could become more than just a craft.


It's funny because looking back on it seems as if life came full circle. My sewing business stemmed right from where my sewing journey had originated - as a kid in 4-H. What started as a simple 4-H activity waterfalled into a journey of pattern refinements and product craftsmanship that would scream quality. After countless iterations, I finally developed a design that I was proud to wear and knew would last. I am abundantly thankful to be sharing this experience with my two daughters Anna and Sarah. With their help, it seemed as if almost before we knew it, we had a business.


But for us, Thankful Thimble isn't just a business or even a hobby - it's a lifestyle and philosophy that we live by. For both my daughters and I, sewing has been a part of our lives since we were young. I thank God that I've been blessed with the opportunity to blend my passion for sewing and my love of family together into Thankful Thimble. This gratitude is what inspired our company's name, and we hope that our story inspires countless families to come together around a shared love.

Hi, I'm Sharon

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