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Quality - Measurements - Care

Our products reflect a commitment of caring about the finished work - mittens that are beautifully color coordinated and design-matched, fingerless gloves that are comfortable as well as functional, and accessories that are a joy to wear or display in your home.  Our stitching is strong and neat, inside and out - with both machine and hand stitching.

Please see the references below about how to best determine size, more about our quality, and how to care for your recycled wool products.  We provide this information so you will be satisfied with your purchase (note our return and refund policy before you purchase).  As always, if you have any questions about our products feel free to contact us.

Sizing Mitten.jpg

Sizing Chart (all measurements are approximate)


Soft anti-pill fleece lining


Complimentary stitching for style and funciton


Strong seams maintain a

good fit


To remove light dirt, each recycled wool item may be dabbed with warm water and lightly rubbed .  For heavier cleaning, use a small amount of laundry detergent to hand-wash your item, and dry it by laying flat.  Each item is unique, and uses various weaving and has differing color-fastness, so please test any spot remover on a small area before using liberally.  Remember, sheep get wet, so a little water is ok!

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